Perempuan memang lebih perasan !!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Perempuan memang lebih perasan !!

Ahaks. From this title it will give us a few interpretations. May be some of you will agree because girls definitely more sensitive to their surroundings. And that is why girls is twice easy to ‘notice’ if something had happen.

“Eh! Semalam 90%, hari ni 70%!!”But that is not what the title meant. When it said ‘perasan’, it is more to what kelantanese said as ‘koya’. No hurt feelings key. It may be quite harsh word but maybe you will agree based on certain facts. I’ve seen this for quite sometimes. The easiest way is by looking to the way they choose their nickname. Just look around yourself, look at your friends email address, Yahoo ID, mIRC nickname, skype, forum etc.

The fact is, girls are more often to put a very unappeasable adjective whether before or after her name. I bet you guys always seen nick like arissya^cute, fifi_comel, gadis_areyou etc. Some of them will choose a word like putri, put3, princess etc to put in front of her names. Or the safest way is to put the word ‘baby’ just for the replacement of the word ‘cute’ itself. BabyFarra, Baby_lisa and many more.

Then some of them think why not I choose ‘babycute’? So it equal to cute X 2!Please tell me that I’m wrong. Honestly maybe this is because I never seen a guy using a nickname like Malik^Hensem, Halim_Menawan_Kalbu, Baby-Salahuddin etc.Please tell me that you girls not using that kinda names because you all ‘koya cantik’, but actually just to boost up the confident level and self esteem. Please know that we guys prefer our self judgment in order to decide whether you are pretty or not. 

Because if you are pretty, we will know it even you are using ‘Keldai^Comot’ as your nick. And I think everybody agrees that usually a girl that claiming herself as a cute, beautiful, pretty etc. are actually the opposite.

Waa… this article like declaring a war with the girls huh?! Hahahahhahah

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