Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Universiti Malaya based, MARIONEXXES is one of the old Malaysia band started in 1997 by the BMX kids from various boarding schools but the band is just make a move out from their DIY scene to make a proper record with the band's own independence music. It is hard to keep the band alive when some several changes have been made due to the issues attacked the original line up. The band take almost 3 years suffered after their front-girl missing in that untold incident. In 2005 the band reformed at Universiti Malaya to play some alert shows to tell the music scene that they still alive with their new breath faces. The substitute have been make, the band keep their noise below the radar. They will soon be in the mainstream airplay if the chances come over it. The band 1st DEBUT ALBUM is start in process by late December 2007 with the last 10 years documentation album memories of MARIONEXXES. Check on the band's album in stores VERY SOON.

MARIONEXXES Nominated As BEST COLLEGE ACT in Voice Independent Music Awards 2008

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